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Род занятий: Network Engineer
Сайт: https://www.fieldengineer.com
Сколько лет Вы занимаетесь фотографией?: 5
Оборудование: I am working as a Networking Engineer in Fieldengineer.com. <a
Fieldengineer.com is a marketplace On-Demand telecom Manpower for Field Engineers to high-level network engineers, Project managers. Comprehend the Upgrading technology patterns and keep me updated in the technology industry.
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ФИО: Karthik Rao
Публикации автора:: The new white paper from the analyst team at Light Reading has drawn a comparison between Field Engineer’s approaching Network Maintaining, and the burgeoning shared or gig economy.

The team has highlighted the way that some of the most shared economy platforms serve to be a bridge between the supply and demand side of a particular marketplace. These app-based platforms successfully match people looking for a service with multiple potential suppliers of that service. The apps do more than provide the names – they are full of the required relevant detail as well as posted by previous buyers of the service.

In fact, the most rewarding of these shared economy apps remove any need for a ‘buyer beware’ style warning. The app makes it obvious what the service will be, how much it cost, who will deliver it, their qualifications to provide it and their track record of having done so successfully.


Freelance Marketplace for Telecom Engineers

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